Philanthropy Expert and Transformational Change Agent

​​CONSULTING CLIENT: Lisa is delighted to be continuing her work with community colleges in the state of Texas working with the Collin College Foundation. Together they are creating a strategic plan for the organization. 

ITP and Lisa are excited to be working with Lake Lane College Foundation located in southern Illinois. 



Lisa is back in the classroom teaching graduate students at DePaul University. She is providing guidance to the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

Lisa shares her message of happiness and joy during tough times with many groups throughout the country and world. Consider booking her as your keynote speaker for your upcoming conferences and meetings. 

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​​CONSULTING CLIENT: ​FDTC (Florence-Darlington Technical College) Lisa Dietlin is delighted to be working with a premier 2 year college - Florence-Darlington Technical College located in South Carolina. She is looking forward to providing consulting and coaching services.

​​CONSULTING CLIENT: Lisa is excited to be working with Fletcher Technical Community College in the area of increasing advisory committee effectiveness. She believes two year institutions are leading the way for so many in the 21st century! 

​CONSULTING CLIENT:  ​SLCC (South Louisiana Community College)  Lisa Dietlin continues her work with community college. Currently, she is serving in a consulting capacity for SLCC, a leading two year institution located in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

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