Philanthropy Expert and Transformational Change Agent

Are you ~

Facing a tough job interview?

Thinking of switching careers?

Seeking a promotion?

Or maybe you're just trying to get a foot in the door to kick off your professional life...

​​​​​​Whether you're a student or a CEO, an owner or an intern, Lisa has the experience, insight, and ability to guide you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Working in person, by phone, or online (Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.), Lisa Dietlin offers strategic one-on-one coaching, career guidance, and consultation to help you leverage your strengths and reach the next level in your career.

Lisa's results-oriented style of encouraging, challenging, and empowering utilizes the tenets of her internationally acclaimed book, THE POWER OF THREE, and will help you craft and execute a plan to tear down walls, build bridges, and open doors to the future you want for yourself.

Transformational change can feel daunting - but with the right coach, all your goals can be within your reach.  Contact Lisa today and start your journey to success!

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"People often say to me, 'You're so lucky!'

What I tell them is that while it might appear to be luck, in fact it is the result of a purposeful and strategic plan of action that I bring to bear on all of my goals - whether in the political world, the nonprofit arena, or in my consulting business practice.  

When giving presentations and speeches I would talk about my strategic steps for success, and I was always surprised by how many people would approach me afterwards saying they wanted to implement my methods and asking, 'Do you have this in writing?' 

The requests came often enough that eventually I wrote THE POWER OF THREE
 and built a one-on-one coaching practice to expand on and support the lessons in the book.

My coaching style is the result of years of leveraging this system of success - one that I know can work for anyone, in any field, at any age."

~ Lisa

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