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Making A Difference II


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~ Making A Difference

~Making A Difference II

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Making A Difference II

​More Tips, Ideas, and Stories to Change Your World

Congratulations! You filled the pages of MAKING A DIFFERENCE with a year's worth of daily actions towards making the world a better place, and now you want to continue the journey!   MAKING A DIFFERENCE II: MORE TIPS, IDEAS AND STORIES TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD offers 365 more tips, ideas, and stories to guide and inspire you to change your world with small but impactful steps - one day at a time!

This journal-style daily planner has blank space to record your thoughts, goals, plans, and actions - and every page features a clever tip, insightful idea, or inspiring story, to ensure you stay informed and inspired!

MAKING A DIFFERENCE II will make sure that not a day goes by that you aren't making a difference - in your life, in your community, and in the world!

~ Lisa​ 

Lisa Dietlin, Making A Difference 2
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